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FleschLaw is a criminal law firm in Denver that provides superior representation to the accused in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Colorado.

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FleschLaw is dedicated to providing superior representation to each of our clients.

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FleschLaw defends clients in Denver accused of serious felony and misdemeanor crimes.

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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Law Protection at FleschLaw

When you are charged with criminal conduct, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is your most reliable source of assistance. FleschLaw employs the expert, educated attorneys who will fight for your rights. Your criminal defense lawyer will protect you through every step of the process, including:

  • The issues in regards to your arrest
  • The criminal investigation of your case
  • The criminal charges on your record

As your attorney builds your case, practice a policy of complete openness with him or her. Any small detail in regards to your arrest could help a lawyer to unravel to problems in your case. With experts in criminal law, FleschLaw is prepared to assist you in creating a defense.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers

The foundation of criminal law is a desire to protect innocent civilians. Criminal law is a reflection of the idea that social behaviors must be regulated in some way in order to prevent people from being victimized by harmful actions or threats. The Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers at FleschLaw are experienced in all sorts of cases, including:

If you have been arrested, or charged with a crime, contact a Denver criminal defense lawyer immediately. At FleschLaw, we will spend the time necessary to answer all of your questions, review the charges against you, and give you an educated assessment of your options and what is likely to happen.

Our Denver criminal defense lawyers have been defending clients in the Denver metropolitan area for more than a decade. We know the dynamics of each county, what the policies are, and, realistically, what the District Attorneys have the authority to negotiate. Whether you decide to pursue a quick and quiet settlement of the charges, or to fight them in court, you can be assured that we will be there at every step to give you honest counsel and to protect your interests.

Don’t take chances with your future; call today for a consultation, and put knowledge legal expertise to work for you!

FleschLaw provides superior criminal defense to clients in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Colorado.

Our Criminal Defense Practice includes:

Your Denver criminal defense lawyer will understand how the system works. If you are unjustly charged, remember that in the U.S. court system, you cannot be charged as guilty without undeniable proof of a guilty act. In addition, many cases require a proven intention to act in a criminal way, although certain charges are known as strict liability offenses and must have no other proof than a guilty act. White-collar crimes often fall into this category.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers – FleschLaw

The department of criminal law at FleschLaw is well informed on the various types of defenses that protect an individual from criminal charges. Certain components of a situation act as automatic protection for the defendant, such as:

  • Self-defense: the defendant acted to protect himself from personal harm
  • Insanity: if the defendant is not mentally stable, it can be inferred that he or she did not understand the illegality of his or her actions
  • Alibi: the defendant has reasonable proof that he or she was at a different location at the time when the crime occurred

There are many other types of criminal defense, but the best way to protect yourself is to hire the most experienced lawyer in the area. Call the department of criminal law at FleschLaw today for expert advice about your criminal charges.

If you’re looking for an Experienced Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer – don’t wait. Call FleschLaw today (303) 806-8886.

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